about what happened in Parma.

In September 2010 a 18-years-old girl has been raped by 4/6 people during a party at Raf (Rete Antifascista – Anti Fascist Network) headquarter, she was totally unconscious, the boys filmed everything with a phone, and, after have raped her one by one, they penetrated her with a smoke bomb. After this the film of the rape has flown from a phone to another, but no one did or said nothing, the only reaction has been making fun of the victim starting to call her “the girl of the smoke bomb”. Being ashamed, the girl never reported what happened to … Continua a leggere about what happened in Parma.

Anarchizza su sta fregna.

È un titolo un po’ impolite, lo so. Mai preteso di esserlo, del resto. Oggi la mia (in)coscienza ha l’aspetto di una comare in nero, quelle vecchine toste del mercato che con pacatezza e rassegnazione ti esplicitano certe verità della vita notevoli, così, a caso, tra i cavoli e le carote. Mi aspettavo qualcosa di diverso… E che s’aspettava signorì? Eh boh, che le persone poi facciano quello che dicono, comunque…quant è sta dignità? 15? De che? Centesimi? Euri? Beh comunque sta a buon mercato… No signorì, quelli nun so soldi, so gli anni che hai a penà pe ottonerla, … Continua a leggere Anarchizza su sta fregna.


Avevamo qualcosa in comune, io e lui, quella diffidenza scostante nei confronti della gente, tutta la gente, senza distinzioni. Avevamo gli occhi belli e tristi di chi ne ha viste troppe. Raramente parlavamo, ma quando lo facevamo era sempre qualcosa di speciale. Avevamo imparato a leggere le parole nella mimica delle persone, perché nonostante tutto, avevamo una gran voglia di comunicare. Eravamo disillusi e cinici, e ci andavamo bene così, ma in quella piccola casa di periferia, col giardino sezionato per far più soldi, andavamo accumulando sogni segreti di cui gli altri non ci avrebbero detti capaci. Abbiamo amato entrambi … Continua a leggere Love.

Leonora in Wonderland – Fragments

I started to write this story to don’t forget some amazing things happened in my life. It had a purpose, to show that another way to love is possible. Well, it seems that is not. But nice memories stay, even if in a hard, confused way. I feel very angry, and sad. “I know you’re angry, you have the right of being fucking furious for what happened to you; but..you know, past is past and cannot be changed, future can. Rage will not change the past, and will no make any better of that bastard. Use your rage for something … Continua a leggere Leonora in Wonderland – Fragments


  Love has many faces, now there is the green love, that grows in the sunny mornings…in the warmth of the nights… That embraces me, making me feeling an amazing certainty, surrounded by a smell of happiness. Tonight I dreamt of the red one, that always explodes with that summer taste, even in the coldest winter. I realized that I miss you, damn idiot, and that I won’t let the fear destroy anything else. In my small bed I count the days that still separate me from your arms. And then, above all of them…there’s the golden one. Golden as … Continua a leggere Warmth.


(…) – a me non interessa, ho tanti guai nella mia vita. – – Ah si? E come ti posso aiutare? Io provo a batterti un ciak: così facciamo finta di essere da un’altra parte, viaggiare, conquistare, fare scopa con la Morte, sapere la verità, fregare la realtà. Puoi fare il papa, il pazzo, il furbo o l’assassino, cercare di far ridere alle 7 del mattino. Cacciare i guai dalla testa, prima dell’ultimo ciak. Spengono le luci, adesso è l’ora di dormire son stanco al punto che sogno di non sognare magari di non russare, dopo che battono il ciak… … Continua a leggere Fortune.

Leonora in Wonderland #2

Amoral Tales./Racconti Amorali. – Have i gone mad? – – I’m  afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are – (L. Carrol – Alice in Wonderland)   June 2016. Leonora felt her head a bit floating, the evening air was cool, and even if all around was full of people, in her eyes there was nothing but him. It was the same for James; it was always this way, when the two of them were together, they began to speak and the world around disappeared, becoming invisible. So focused on their digressions that they could … Continua a leggere Leonora in Wonderland #2


  Memento in latin means “to remember” or,  in a imperative way, “Remember!” still looking for a memory…something in my mind…or was it in my heart? Why I cannot find it anymore? Where are the answers? Where are the questions? I look into your eyes, so empty now…as your words, as our time. The empty time is not nice anymore. Is it just the fear inside my head speaking? But, I can still see your eyes piercing my soul, sometimes, when nobody is watching… still looking for something, tryin’ to decrypt my secrets… “What a strange, marvelous creature you’re” you … Continua a leggere Memento.

Piccola riflessione sulla sociopatia (o “Di coscienza critica e unicità”)

[riporto qui un vecchio post scritto nel lontano inverno 2013] Nightcrawler: Perché non resti trasformata sempre? Sai, per essere come tutti gli altri. Mystica: Perché non sarebbe giusto.[1] Ho fatto caso che ultimamente mi capita spesso di avvertire le persone sui miei strani modi di fare; semplificando, mi presento come “sociopatica”. Ma cosa significa essere sociopatici, di preciso? Colloquialmente si intende come sociopatico colui che ha problemi a intrattenere relazioni conformandosi alle regole del senso comune. In maniera più accademica invece vengono definiti sociopatici gli affetti dal disturbo antisociale di personalità. Il disturbo antisociale di personalità è un disturbo di … Continua a leggere Piccola riflessione sulla sociopatia (o “Di coscienza critica e unicità”)

Leonora in Wonderland #1

Amoral Tales./Racconti Amorali. “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice. “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.” (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland) November 2014. Ting. The “new mail” warble captured her attention, Leonora skipped quickly the windows till the mail software. The mail was from the man that she was seeing in that period, the subject was just “you”; Leonora opened it and read the text inside, … Continua a leggere Leonora in Wonderland #1

The empty time/Il tempo vuoto

    The empty time that we build around us, it’s full of words that we cannot say anymore, of the caresses that we cannot give. It’s an unbearable, boring, detestable time it’s a wonderful time, that we protract as long as we can, for postponing indefinitely the terrible moment of the separation. It’s a time when we do not say a word, but our eyes make long talks. – Don’t leave – – I don’t wanna leave – – Why don’t you hug me? – – I would, but I cannot – – So? – – So, I do … Continua a leggere The empty time/Il tempo vuoto


  We observed each other, with the curiosity of those who don’t admit. We studied each other. We spoke each other. We liked each other. We got each other angry, we hated, injured, standed each other. We looked for each other, for not letting us go. The words, we trained them as doves, for bringing messages of love there where the wind blew in the cold nights of the North, on the dusty roads of the South, under the skies of the Est wherever my heart was running, nomad and never satisfied. We let tame each other, but never giving … Continua a leggere Lovers/Amanti.

The Wolf Pack

To the only family I have, now and forever by my side, now and forever by your side. Strange blood in our veins — too late we understand Strength and size and long allegiance to the Elfling band. Strange blood — for its gifts the price at last comes due. Strange lands and stranger duties has it brought us to! Strange blood and its gifts we gained from long ago. Shape-Changer gave us this, for cause we’ll never know. Strange blood and its wisdom long since changed our track; Wherever it may lead us now, there is no turning back. … Continua a leggere The Wolf Pack

Feel a little better…

This lyrics are from a song that Thid sent me long time ago, when I was a bit sad, and she was living in Bristol…I dunno if I can publish the song itself, ‘cause the singer is a person that she knows (and she has an amazing, powerful voice!!), and if she didn’t put the song on the web I thought maybe she prefers keep it private… Hypnotized by your eyes, I hope someday you will realize, my love, now, I gave you the chance, I gave you romance, so I tried… Someone captured my soul and throw away my … Continua a leggere Feel a little better…

Lyly – Appunti (Alba/Dawn)

Hýbris\2. Lyly The boy climbed the ladder and looked into the turret: Lyly was sitting on the edge of the floor, the legs dangling in the void. Delan hauled himself up onto the platform and joined her, sat down beside her and took out from the pockets of his trousers two bottles of beer; He handed one to the girl: – Beer? – She looked at him without saying a word and nodded with a smile. – Come more inside, there you risk to kill yourself! – he rebuked her Lyly chuckled and stood up, joining him while he was … Continua a leggere Lyly – Appunti (Alba/Dawn)

The Nomad way aka About old memories in a Turin’s kitchen….

  to Francis, Loz and all the friends no more here, what you taught me will keep you for ever in my heart. Thanks. “If we have the sun, guys, our day is made!” (Francis Flash)   It’s like 2 days that I’m listening “Black Cat, White Cat”’s (by E. Kusturica and  G. Bregovic) soundtrack no stop….. This remembers me of some years ago, a beautiful summer in which I was sharing a nice flat on the Dora river with Thid… We were used spend our nights drinking and talking about every kind of stuff, in the daytime, instead, we … Continua a leggere The Nomad way aka About old memories in a Turin’s kitchen….


This is the Irish Claddagh Ring: These elements symbolize the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown).   They said we have to be enemies. They said we have to hate each other. All of them see a fight, where I see just love. There is no war, just love. Love everywhere. In every possible direction. And if the world will fuel this battle, well, I will stop it before letting it starts. No way that I will create enemies where has been love. I have the power of stopping it. Our will is stronger … Continua a leggere Choices.


  And I try to sleep on a bed made by nails Why did you come looking for me? You could leave me alone to my sweet life but I believed in it so strongly that I still have the smile printed on my face that girl is not normal that girl is not like me that girl is not normal but it is normal that I have only need to… (Una Ragazza – Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti) Il mio spiritello della ragione fa pulizia, tenta ostinato di eliminare ogni traccia di te. Ma non funziona. I confini sono confusi, … Continua a leggere Acquamarina/Aquamarine

Bando di concorso – GialloMilanese 2016 Dodicesima edizione

Originally posted on RAMINGO!:
1) La Casa Editrice ExCogita in collaborazione con ChiAmaMilano bandisce un concorso per racconti inediti denominato GialloMilanese 2016. 2) Sono ammessi al concorso racconti inediti in lingua italiana aventi come tema il giallo (inteso come genere letterario, come colore, come razza etc.) o il milanese (inteso come peculiare della città di Milano, in senso geografico, politico, culturale, gastronomico, dialettale etc.) o entrambi in tutte quelle accezioni in cui la creatività e la fantasia dei partecipanti vorrà considerarli. 3) I racconti (file in Word) dovranno avere una lunghezza massima di 7.200 battute (spazi inclusi). 4) I racconti,… Continua a leggere Bando di concorso – GialloMilanese 2016 Dodicesima edizione

Problemi (d’identità) seriale / Serial (identity) – rubrica su INKROCI

Rubrica su INKROCI / Column on INKROCI E’ uscito per INKROCI il primo articolo della mia rubrica Problemi (d’identità) seriale: La narrazione seriale, quando sa osare, fa da specchio alle idi… Sorgente: Problemi (d’identità) seriale / Serial (identity) – rubrica su INKROCI Continua a leggere Problemi (d’identità) seriale / Serial (identity) – rubrica su INKROCI

Invio manoscritti fantasy e urban fantasy a case editrici non a pagamento

[Seguiranno articoli specifici sulle singole case editrici e le modalità di invio manoscritti] Ho iniziato a inviare Ibrido (romanzo urban fantasy) a case editrici non a pagamento a maggio 2015 ten… Sorgente: Invio manoscritti fantasy e urban fantasy a case editrici non a pagamento Continua a leggere Invio manoscritti fantasy e urban fantasy a case editrici non a pagamento