Not your – personal manifesto against assholes

I Monologhi di Sana – Rubrica


– I’m a person, not a fuckin’ living doll
– I’m not in this world to feed your fuckin’ ego
– I deserve respect
– I want the truth
– If you are a coward, fuck off
– Politic is a very important matter to me
– I’m a proud bisexual, antifascist, feminist, anarchist, vegetarian…if you can’t deal with this is a your problem, not mine
– Don’t lie to me
– I was born free and free I’ll die
– I won’t smile to every fuckin thing you’ll say
– I’m not your pet
– If you need my help I’ll be here, but I’m not a trash bin for your fuckin’ problems
– Your needs are not more important than mine
– I’m proud of who I am, don’t try to change me
– I don’t give a shit of what you think about my hairstyle
– If you want a Barbie girl, look for her elsewhere
– I don’t give a shit about money, gifts, Valentine’s day and all this bullshits
– I love weird people, this doesn’t mean that I love assholes
– I’m a nerd and a writer, sometimes I’ll be totally absorbed by my work
– My people come always first
– No, if we just met you are not part of my people
– Only because I’m acting good to you doesn’t mean I can’t be evil
– I’m not scared by anyone and anything…just don’t try to overpass the limit
– If you will try to control, harass, be ugly, violent or something against me or my people I’ll kill you with no problems
– My time, love, body and thoughts are mine to give to who I want
– What you’ll give to me is what you’ll have back
– I won’t live for you
– I’ll be as honest as I can, this doesn’t mean that I can’t have secrets
– NO means NO and STOP means STOP
– Words are important to me, if you can’t respect them, don’t say
– Words are important, facts even more
– If I care I’ll always find a way
– If you care you’ll always find a way
– I’ll not trust you for a very long time, deal with it
– Betray me once, maybe you’ll have a second chance; betray me twice and you are dead to me
– I can spend a lot of time alone or in silence…give me my space
– I’m an antisocial and I hate people
– I’m not something you have to win or show to your friends
– Don’t analyze me, I don’t have to be selected for a canine show
– Don’t think to understand me or my way to think, I’m not an.easy person and you don’t know me
– You don’t want see me angry, trust me
– I don’t need to be saved, I save myself
– Sometimes I’ll totally lack of feminine style, deal with it
– I’m all these things …this makes me a different person, not a worse one

A guided meditation for Creativity

Cray-Ish – Madness and Creatrivity

I am so totally new to meditation that I am constantly amazed by its power. I did a few body scans in a Mindfulness course and a lesson in a Buddhist center, then I decided to ‘try it at home’. And, well, it was beautiful. I think that I particularly enjoy guided meditations because they are more like a story (at least, to me…) and I love stories. I found this one and I liked it, I think it is quite balanced and not focused on healing but on energy rise, so I thought I would share it with you beautiful lot :) enjoy!

The Death’s Angel and the Queen of the Monsters


“The importan thing is not “not be mad”, is to be mad in the same way” (Irene, winter 2013)

“We are all mad here” (Cheshire Cat – Alice in Wonderland)

The black-haired girl looked to the other one

– What do you like in him? –

She sighed, curling on the couch, tormenting her lower lip with the hand; from the dark corner her thin voice spread out all over the room in a murmur

– His monsters –

The girl with the black hair wrinkled her forehead

– His…. monsters? – asked

The other one just nodded

– We share monsters… –

– Something not so happy to share, eh? –

– On the contrary, it is… –

– Really? –

The girl nodded again

– It’s like to look in a mirror, a very scary one….but is also a mirror that gives back almost only the beautiful things of yourself –

– I’m not sure to understand… –

– I know. No one ever understands…what means to be able to don’t think about what you’re saying, for once…just for once… –

She closed the eyes and her mind flew fast to a memory: a ceiling.

It was just a wood ceiling, and a voice…

Did….did I scare you? I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…”

She shook her head, smiling

No, at all…being honest I feel very happy right now”

Happy?” the voice was surprised

I thought the same things, and I never told them to anyone….’cause are scary things…and people would think that I’m mad…and dangerous –

Really? The same?”

She nodded and smiled again

Perfectly the same. And I’m happy ’cause I feel so less weird now….and so less alone”

Wow…you’re right”

The voice of the girl took her back into the darkness of the room

– Why are you so sad? –

She opened her eyes again

– I don’t know well…just….I feel sad. Tomorrow will be all ok, don’t worry –

– Sure? –

She nodded in silence

– It’ just…so difficult…to let this thing goes…but I’ll be fine, really –

– But you’re not loosing nothing, you know it, don’t you? –

She nodded again, with a sad gaze

– I know, I just have to push this thing somewhere, in a dark corner of my mind and stop to think about it…-

The other one stood up

– Just try to not get hurt too much, and look for a life of your own – said hugging her – Goodnight, and stop to be sad –

– Goodnight and thanks, everything will be fine tomorrow, really, don’t worry –

She remained alone in the big, dark room, looking the night; from the darkness a black mist crowded by eyes and mouths came out, and a huge group of strange monsters, crawling on the floor, gathered to her feet, looking at her with worried gazes.

– Don’t worry guys, everything will be fine –

A monster with small eyes and sharped teeth approached, ad she extended an hand to caress him gently.

While the monster was pushing his face on her palm happily like a cat, the girl looked at the other side of the room.

He was there, sitting silently in the corner…he had no face, and a pair of marvelous, huge, plumed black wings.

She smiled

– The Death’s Angel….who other you could be? –

The boy hid the face in his hands

– You don’t want to be something so evil… is why you are so sad, isn’t it? –

She stood up and the darkness wrapped her like a beautiful dress, she walked slowly through the room with her train by monsters and black mist; She knelt to him

– Poor monster…so scared….and so sad –

She caressed gently his hand

– Don’t be scared, we are your friends….I know why you are here, but it isn’t your fault, really….it’s me…it’s all inside me….and I’m so sorry for this, so sorry to have given you this role –

She looked into the darkness

– Look! That one is one of yours, I would ever give a such shape to a monster; Everything will be fine, come on, look, I have someone that protects me… –

She pointed the opposite corner; the boy rose his head and “looked”: the Santa Muerte bowed deeply to him.

– She is here to protect me from the Death, the real one…she won’t let me to get lost again –

The girl murmured gently, then smiled

– Do you see? I’m still looking for my own starlight…but sometimes the only thing you can do is domesticate your own monsters…in some way you finish to love them.

So, don’t be sad…even if you are one of them now…you’re only my fear to get lost again…and in some way you are necessary too –

A little, crystalline tear dropped from the monster’s face, she took it and put on her forehead.

The little gem was sparkling in the dark.

– I have a crown made by madness, and a cape by darkness and monsters and fears….this is what I am, after all…in this little kingdom in my head…populated by scary things, scary and at the same time frightened things…and I’m one of them….the first of them…I am the Queen of the Monsters –

Image: Monsters by Fukari

Concorso letterario e fotografico Muri di Storie

muri di storie

L’Associazione Magnolia Italia, insieme alla propria rivista letteraria Inkroci, 

in collaborazione con New Free Photo Brescia, con Cascina Parco Gallo
e con il Patrocinio del Consiglio di Quartiere Don Bosco
e di Leonessa Viaggi


il concorso letterario e fotografico

Prima edizione –Anno 2015

dedicata alla città di Brescia


“Attorno a Roma c’è quella cosa immensa e spappolata che è Roma”
(Pier Paolo Pasolini)

La celebre frase di Pasolini sulla periferia romana di 40 anni fa calza oggi a pennello sulla maggioranza delle città italiane, trasformate da anni di urbanizzazioni al servizio del dominio economico. È sempre Pasolini, infatti, che con lungimiranza diceva: “Ormai, del resto, la distruzione del mondo antico, ossia del mondo reale, è in atto dappertutto. L’irrealtà dilaga attraverso la speculazione edilizia del neocapitalismo”.
Anche Brescia ha mutato più volte criniera: ce lo raccontano intere aree industriali dismesse (la Caffaro, la Breda, ecc.), le colline dei rifiuti diventati parchi di svago e benessere, i quartieri dormitorio di S. Polo, gli ex Magazzini Generali del quartiere Don Bosco un tempo luoghi di scambio e di incontro.
Ce lo raccontano i nuovi centri commerciali che, come mura, costruiscono le nuove gabbie del mondo moderno.
Vecchi e nuovi muri: muri di storie. Storie che intessono e generano un patrimonio di “vite”, che non riguardano soltanto l’esperienza del singolo, ma bensì diventano il tessuto e la storia dell’esistenza umana e sociale anche attraverso i luoghi che abitano e hanno abitato questa esistenza.
Muri di storie che raccontano Brescia e la sua comunità, la sua memoria e la sua identità.

La traccia potrà essere liberamente interpretata, purché nell’opera proposta – sia essa immagine o racconto – siano riconoscibili elementi sociali, storici, ambientali della città di Brescia.

PREMIAZIONE: 12 settembre 2015

Qui il regolamento completo del concorso:

Mindfulness – Self-Confidence


Cray-Ish – Madness and Creatrivity

This one was for me a shocking concept: Self-confidence is like a muscle, you can train it.

You can learn to have more control over your levels of confidence. Remember that people read your levels of confidence from the moment you walk in a room or speak on the telephone.

Think about:

What would be possible for you if you were even more confident?

What have been your confident moments?

When have you really committed to something and tried really hard?

Who do you know who is confident that you can ‘act like’?

Power poses

Your body language shapes who you are – by Amy Cuddy (TED, Ideas worth spreading)

Link: Full research report

About Making Mistakes

Be easy on yourself around making mistakes. Think how you would treat a child learning to walk.

Be compassionate and supportive.

Avoid storing up mistakes in your ‘rucksack’, inhibit the masochistic desire to reach into the rucksack for a mistake you can beat yourself up with when you feel a bit low.

Celebrate your ability to learn from mistakes and move on quickly.

Examples of exercises22

Start the morning listing all the things you are grateful for

I am grateful for… health;

I am grateful for… the novel I’m reading;

Write at least three “I give myself permission to be… ”

List all your positive qualities / capabilities “I am… enough.”

Write a letter from your successful self in five years time reassuring you and advising you.

Img: Mindfulness by deadly-blossom91