Health and Arts – Your own practice

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This lesson was quite interesting to me. The idea is that in order to be an `Art therapist` you need to be an artist yourself, thus take care of your own practice. Let`s say it: I don`t really care about being an art therapist, I just want to be an artist, so this lesson has been useful.

Basically the teacher introduced us the books by Julia Cameron (famous for The artist`s way) and we tried a few exercises to unblock the creative practice.

1. Write down 20 things you enjoy

… for example… reading fantasy novels, blogging, walking, eating my grandmother`s lasagne, watching old tv series etc.

1.2 Now, for each thing you enjoy, write down how long it has been since you did it the last time.

Scary, eh? Useful though.

2. Write down 5 lives that you would like to live

I got: police detective, station agent, historian, teacher, astronaut.

3. Write down 5 things that you would try if you had enough faith or money

Open a literary cafe`, Travel to the USA and live `on the road`, finance a natural reserve, hire a symphony orchestra, buy a medieval castle.

Well, that`s it, really. The rest is up to you guys ;)

As for me, my own practice is linked to the people I share it with. Of course when you write a novel you do it by yourself, nontheless the inspiration comes from your real life and in my case from the ancient or recent past I shared with people that, from time to time, enjoyed with me the weirdness of looking at the world through the filter of imagination.


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