Arts and Health – Visual arts.1

CrAzY-ish: Madness & Creativity

This one was the fourth lesson of the course, the third lesson for me because, unfortunately, I skipped one (which was apparently very interesting, about guided meditation).

Here`s a guided meditation by Alan Watts (author of ‘The way of Zen‘):

During this first ‘Visual arts’ lesson we did two exercises:

1. For the first exercise we were given 4 A4 papers, one by one, with a word on them. We had to use the materials we wanted (markers, crayons, tempera, tissue paper, glue, glitter etc.) to represent the word given in 5/10 minutes. Here are my drawings (and remember: it`s about the process not the result, therefore don`t judge them! :P)

A sun

A sun

A moon

A moon

A tree

A tree

Anything you like

Anything you like

These images don’t have an absolute meaning. The Art therapist can only interpret them interacting with the person who has drawn them. If you are doing this exercise just for yourself, I believe that you can discover something interesting about how you are feeling. ;)

2.The second exercise was composed of 2 parts. We were asked to choose a part of the room and to ‘build’ our safe space with pillows, pieces of fabric, sticks, toys etc. I didn’t take a picture of my space, but once we built it we ware asked to take a paper in it and to paint the month of February. Here’s mine:


While I was drawing these pictures I was surprised. I’m not used to draw at all so before starting I had no clue what was going to come out. Lets just say that, for me, they all have an important and clear meaning… even February!



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