Arts and Health – Visual arts.2

CrAzY-ish: Madness & Creativity

This time we were assigned 3 exercises about energy: to draw our safe space; to draw the energies that we give and the ones that we receive; to draw, all toghether, our interacting energies.

1. The safe space

In order to complete this exercise the teacher guided us in a `safe space meditation` similar to the one which follows.

Think of a place that makes you feel safe. It can either be a place you’ve visited before, a place you’ve seen but never been to, or a place that exists only in your imagination.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Get into a seated position, with your hands resting in your lap. You are safe in this space, and you will be safe during this exercise.

If it feels wright close your eyes, and start taking deeper and deeper breaths.

Feel yourself letting go of all your tensions.

All of the stresses of your day are slowing falling away.

You begin to relax as you create a quiet space around you.

Continue breathing deeply as you start to visualize your safe space.

Look around you, and visualize your surroundings. Notice the colors of what is around you. You continue to breathe deeply. Breathe in the gentle aromas that surround you in your safe space. You begin to wander, noticing the features of your landscape. Build every detail in your mind. Grow your safe space until it encompasses you and all of your fears and anxieties. Walk around your safe space until you have explored as much of it as you want to.

Continue walking until you find your perfect place, the place that makes you feel most at peace. Visualize yourself sitting here, in this place, and begin to breathe.

Surround yourself with feelings of peace and safety.

Know that you can come to this place whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Your safe space will be there for you whenever you need it. You just need to know its there and take a moment to visit.

When you’re ready to leave your safe space, slowly open your eyes and come back into the room. Hold onto those feelings of peace and safety, and know that you can revisit them whenever you need to.

After the meditation we could draw or built our safe space with many materials (including words) in 20 minutes. Here`s mine:


2. Energies given, energies received

After the `safe space` this exercise wasn`t much appreciated, it was harder and many of us interpreted it as if we had to draw negative energies. That`s not true, actually, the energies can be positive. They can be energies from the present day, from the past or just an habit of ours. The important thing is that we represent an occasion with an exchange of energies asking ourselves: what did I give and what did I receive from that exchange?
Here`s my result:


3. Collaborative task with shared energies

The table was covered with drawing sheets and there were many materials available: tempera, crayons, glitter, a lemon, a sprig. One of us started spreading tempera on the sheets and we all started to do staff: starting something new and following the idea of someone else.

We were moving around the table, and when one round was completed and we were back at the starting point, everything was very different compared with what we left a few minutes before.

It was a very interesting activity, even if I don`t have any talent (or interest, usually) for drawing.


img: space-time for a dreamby Creamydigital



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