She was walking along the night, with her short skirt and her thoughts.
Men were looking her like children in a candies shop, but she was going on without giving them a single gaze.
Behind all of them there was him.
He was so different….so, so, different, backed to the wall, a cigarette in his mouth’s corner.
He was looking to her too, with a strange smile.
She stopped just for a moment, and remained to look him back.
He had boots, and a leather jacket, and a sweatshirt with an huge, amazing hood.
She walked slowly to him, stopping in front of the boy.
Neither he or she glanced down.
Both remained in silence for a very long time, she took a cigarette too and lighted up, still looking the boy’s eyes.
– Do you want to walk? – she asked, after a while
He just nodded, and they started to walk side by side, without speaking.
After a long time he spoke:
– So…what do you like? –
She looked at him with an interrogative glance.
– Beer? –
The boy laughed.
– Oh, yes, beer, sure…another thing? –
She pondered with a thoughtful face
– Music, and to write poetry…and you? –
He shrugged.
– Going around –
The girl made a grin, and threw to him a mischievous gaze.
– What’s your name? – she asked
After a moment in silence he gabbled
– They call me…Night….because I’m used to walk alone in these hours –
then he turned the head and smiled gently, looking the girl in her bright eyes.
She looked to his strange face, young and at the same time incredibly old; she noticed a band-aid on his forehead
– Did you hurt? – she asked
He smiled again, with a guilty air
– Something like this… – answered evasively.
– Did you fight with someone? – asked with the voice of who knows
He opened one’s eyes wide and then stuttered
– Y-yes…How can you know it? –
She smiled understandingly, in silence, and pulled aside her t-shirt’s neck, revealing a big, purple bruise.
– A troublemaker immediately recognizes another one  –
He laughed loud
– Yes, I think it’s true….so what’s your name, little troublemaker? –
– They call me….Dream –
– A beautiful name for a beautiful girl…are you come from my dreams, Dream? –
She shook her head, blushing.
– Maybe from your nightmares – she whispered
– Nah, you are too much cute to come from a nightmare –
She opened one’s eyes wide and almost choked with the cigarette’s smoke
– W-what? Cute? I-I? – she asked coughing
He nodded peremptorily
– Ah. Ah. –
– What is your problem, guy? Are you mad or a junkie? – she asked suspicious
– Not at all, just I find you very nice….and cute –
She smiled, looking his eyes
– You are cute too –
He laughed again, and looked at her with a surprised face
– Me? –
She nodded many times.
– Why did you fight with the other one? –
– Weeeeell…. – he hesitated – he was yelling to a girl at the party –
– So, you are irremediably a cute one – she sneered
– Well, I think a little bit, yes… – he admitted – So, Dream, do you write poetry? –
– Yep! –
– About what? –
– Love, and war, and freedom –
– War? –
– Yes, do you know? I feel myself in constant war with the world, I mean this world, I don’t like it so much…the rules… –
– So you are a little, lawless troublemaker, aren’t you? – he asked smiling with malice and a sparkle shined in his eyes.
– Something like this… – she answered a little frightened
– Why are you looking me with that gaze? Are you scared by me? –
– You have a strange gaze, a little bit like if you would be crazy…. –
– Don’t worry lady, I’m ok with you…you don’t have to be scared –
She shrugged and whispered
– I can take care of myself –
He rose an eyebrow
– You seem too much cute to be evil –
She smiled sweetly.
– Thank you –
He enclosed her with his arms and kissed her red lips, Dream answered eagerly to the kiss while Night’s big hand was sliding inside his leather jacket’s pocket.
Suddenly he threw out a butterfly knife and pointed to her throat:
– So, lady, are you able to take care of yourself, eh? –
She smiled evilly, not at all scared, and with the left hand indicated down.
Night’s eyes followed the trajectory: Dream’s hand was holding a butterfly knife too, smaller than his one, but pointed to his femoral artery.
He rose up the gaze again
– Apologize –
she didn’t answer, just remained to look him with a total innocent expression; after some time in silence the two bursted into laughter, putting away the knives.
– So, you are very deadly: innocent face, dangerous mind – he fooled her.
– If you are a little girl, you have to protect yourself –
– Good point, little, crazy girl –
He hugged and kissed her again, for real, this time.
They restarted to walk side by side, talking about everything, laughing, happy.
After a while Night looked to her with a little bit of embarrassment:
– Sorry lady, too much beer…. –
Dream smiled and indicated a tree
– Go, I’ll wait for you –
while the boy was walking to the tree she lighted up another cigarette.
A group of three pomaded and totally drunk boys approached her.
– What a beauty are you, lady! – mumbled one of them, looking to Dream.
Another one took her for the shoulders
– Do you wanna come at home with me? –
– Let me alone – growled Dream coldly.
– Come on, lady… –
She felt his moist lips touch her cheek, she heaved a sigh trying to remain calm
– Go. Away. – repeated
The third boy caressed her hair…
Night was closing his jeans’s zip when he heard a scream, ran quickly to Dream
– You little bitch!! –
A boy was keeping his hand on the face trying to stop the blood from his nose, Dream was fighting with another one; in a second she hit his nuts with her boot, the boy fell on his knees, and Dream hit him again with a punch in whole face.
The last one was ready to strike her in the back, Night grabbed him from the shirt and looked in his eyes with a terrible gaze
– Let her alone – he growled.
In that moment a police car’s siren resounded in the dark; Night let the boy and  caught Dream for a wrist.
– Run! –
The girl didn’t understand what was happening, but started immediatly to run     breathlessly, hand in hand with Night.
They ran for a quarter hour or more, turning a thousand streets, finally they stop, panting.
She looked to Night with a smile, unable to speak properly
– Th-thanks – wheezed
the boy smiled back, with the strange sparkle in his eyes
– Of what? –
– A scuffle, a run from the police….I’m starting to like you, boy –
– Yes, not bad as first date – he laughed
She looked at him again, with a strange face
– I really never saw you before…..where do you come from? –
– I told you…I come from the night… –
She stared at him thoughtful
– Mmmm…Night, Night…. –
the boy made the echo to her
– Dream….Dream…. –
– Can I offer you something to drink? As thanksgiving for the help I mean –
He shrugged.
– Never say no to something to drink – and smiled.
Together walked till the little shop, Dream confabed with the man in the shop, and returned with a bottle of a strange liquor.
– This is something special, to thank you – opened the bottle, poured a drop to the ground and then passed it to Night.
He caught the bottle and looked the amber-colored liquor, then took a sip: the taste was strange, a little metallic, and sweet, and with a aftertaste of licorice; passed again the bottle in Dream’s hand, and she drank too, then she smiled
– Are we going? –
He nodded and they walked laughing along the dark streets again, while the bottle passed many times from hand to hand.
During the chat their expressions changed many times, from funny to happy to serious; they spoke about freedom, and war, and love, and life, and dreams, and nights.
And more they spoke, more they felt a strange sensation, it was like a strong bond that tied them together, like if  everything that they did or shared or said would be totally natural to them; a new and unknown feeling to both.
In the end he said:
– You are really a strange girl, Dream, I never met someone like you –
She smiled
– Me too…you are weird, Night, I like it – the girl approached and, rising on the tiptoe, put a delicate kiss on his lips.
He smiled, took her hand and placed it on his chest:
– Can you hear it? – asked while his heart was beating to a crazy speed.
She nodded, and did the same, her heart was beating at the same speed; she blushed, a little for the too much liquor, a little for the embarrassment, he hugged her tight, and she reciprocated.
They stayed like this for a very long time, in silence.
– Did it…ever happen you before? I mean, with someone else? – she asked
He shook his head
– It’s like if you would be….a lost piece of me, something I lost a long time ago – whispered.
– You make me scared… – she answered – this is a thing I’m not able to fight. It’s something I can’t strike with a knife…. –
– Why do you like me? – Night asked sadly
– I really can’t explain it very well….it’s…it’s…like you would know me so well, like if my words, that are strange to all the rest of the world, for you would be totally natural. Like if you would have seen and felt everything I felt and saw –
– Maybe it’s what happens when a mad meets another one –
– Yes, maybe…. –
– Why are we sad now? – he asked
– I think because we are scared, to loose our freedom… –
He nodded, and let her go
– Yes…the freedom…. – whispered, glancing down.
She restarted to walk in silence, followed by Night,  the air seemed permeated of sadness and regret.
After a while she stopped and sat on a little wall.
– I’m almost arrived at home…but I want some time more….with you, I mean –
The boy sat on her side and enclosed her shoulders with an arm, she grabbed his big hand.
– I really like your dreams, Dream –
– I really like yours, Night –
He smiled
– Night and Dream….it’s funny –
she smiled too
– Yes, it is…maybe it’s the fate’s suggestion –
– Do you believe in fate? –
– Mmh…a little. I think that it is 50% fate and 50% will –
He thought about her words
– Maybe you are right…. –
– Sure I’m right, I’m always right! – she laughed, Night laughed too and kissed her, then, approached his lips to her ear and whispered
– I love you, Dream –
She remained in silence, but her eyes spoke for her, saying “I love you too”.
They kissed and hugged and cuddled each other, saying nothing, that feelings and smells were enough, till the first dawn’s light rose and the skylarks started to sing.
– The night is over… – she whispered looking the sky.
– The dream too – he answered.
– All the dreams and nights have to finish with the dawn….-  she said sadly
– This is the fate’s part…..but there is still a 50% by will – he smiled and the girl nodded
– I want to… – Night put a finger on her mouth, to make her stop talking.
– Shhh…don’t say nothing, it’s not necessary….whatever you would feel, I’ll feel the same –
Dream surrounded his face with her little hands, and kissed his lips again, gently, then remained to look him in the eyes
– You are the most sweet and gentle-hearted hooligan I have ever seen –
He caressed her cheek
– And you are the most beautiful and cute little crazy bitch I ever met –
– Will we see again? – she asked with fear
– What do you think? – he smiled, with that strange sparkle in his eyes, jumped on his feet and gave her a gentle kiss
– Goodnight, Dream –
– Goodnight, Night –
He turned and started to walk down the street, she did the same, listening the boy singing softly
– Dream, Dream
you are a gleam
you are a moonbeam
Dream, Dream…. –
she took three steps, then she turned back and ran behind him
– Night, wait! Night? –
she turned the corner but the boy seemed vanished.
She made a sigh, and closed her eyes, and made a wish, so strongly like ever before in her life.
Dream smiled, looked to the rising sun, and felt herself happy, everything was appearing marvelous to her eyes and now she was sure that, sooner or later, she would meet him again…because she knew he was feeling the same.
She turned again and walked at home, singing softly
– Night, Night
you are so bright
you take me delight
Night, Night… –

Images: tender by Fukari



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