Mindfulness – Curiosity, Connection, Compassion

Cray-Ish – Madness and Creatrivity

At work I had the opportunity to attend to a Mindfulness & Resilience course held by Threshold. It has been extremely useful, thus I’m happy to share something of what I have learned.

The first thing about Mindfulness is Breath:

It helps to create a gap between the stimulus and the automatic reaction, which will allow you to choose your response to the stimulus.

When dealing with stressful situations (or any situation, really) it is important to remember the 3 Cs:

Curiosity: get curious about what’s happening, about other people and about yourself.

Connection: stay connected with others through eye contact, which increases trust, and of course stay connected with yourself and your feelings.

Compassion: remain compassionate with others and kind to yourself. Don’t blame others and don’t be judgemental with yourself.

General rules:

1. Keep breathing to give yourself the time to choose your response.

2. Avoid judging and blaming so quickly.

3. Take responsibility for your own development.

A little exercise:

Ask yourself ‘I wonder what might happen if…’ and challenge yourself to change something about your habits in order to see what happens.

For example: I wonder what might happen if…

– I didn’t judge myself so much.

– I didn’t spend so much time on Facebook.

– I’d read more etc.


Img: My Mind by SvenMueller



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