Mindfulness – Self-Confidence

Cray-Ish – Madness and Creatrivity

This one was for me a shocking concept: Self-confidence is like a muscle, you can train it.

You can learn to have more control over your levels of confidence. Remember that people read your levels of confidence from the moment you walk in a room or speak on the telephone.

Think about:

What would be possible for you if you were even more confident?

What have been your confident moments?

When have you really committed to something and tried really hard?

Who do you know who is confident that you can ‘act like’?

Power poses

Your body language shapes who you are – by Amy Cuddy (TED, Ideas worth spreading)

Link: Full research report

About Making Mistakes

Be easy on yourself around making mistakes. Think how you would treat a child learning to walk.

Be compassionate and supportive.

Avoid storing up mistakes in your ‘rucksack’, inhibit the masochistic desire to reach into the rucksack for a mistake you can beat yourself up with when you feel a bit low.

Celebrate your ability to learn from mistakes and move on quickly.

Examples of exercises22

Start the morning listing all the things you are grateful for

I am grateful for… health;

I am grateful for… the novel I’m reading;

Write at least three “I give myself permission to be… ”

List all your positive qualities / capabilities “I am… enough.”

Write a letter from your successful self in five years time reassuring you and advising you.

Img: Mindfulness by deadly-blossom91


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