Join the Revolution!


Hi all,

I should make an introduction…

In 2012 me and Isa Thid started to think a story, a story about a Revolution…with the time this story took a weird shape, intersecting our lives and experiences…and most of all the story of our country, Italy.

We decided to set the whole story there, trying to think about what will happen in years if things won’t change…so a really bigger project was born; we decided to call it “Hýbris“, that in (ancient and modern) greek means “abuse of power, injustice”.

We obviously overstated things…but in our story everything began with an huge censorship’s action by the Italian State.

What we speak about is a focused destruction of tools useful to build up a critical conscience.

Lack of education, censorship, misinformation are the basic tools to control a population, if you destroy everything that could give people the possibility to think about ethic, people will be unable to have their own ideas and the only choice will be trust to what official reports say.

I don’t believe in censorship, I ever did and I never will…censorship IS NOT an answer, for nothing, never.

It is just a way to keep safe the “status quo”.

I strongly believe and support knowledge and ideas sharing.

Today, I read a something really creepy… Venezia’s mayor decided to create a list of “forbidden books” for schools…books for children…and something sprung inside me…this thing is too much fuckin’ similar to our story…Yes, are just books, some books, a little part…BUT, this is the first step to allow something really worse.

And meanwhile Greece is trying to free itself from European’s chains, in Italy is born a modern “List of Forbidden Books”, perfect…very reassuring….

I really feel myself a refugee, there are many ways to be one of them, I escaped from Italy ‘cause I don’t want to surrender to this way of life.

I don’t want live in a country where there are still persons that say to me that I have a “gender problem” if I have a mohawk, or if I’m a bisexual, or that I can’t have a job because of my political ideas or my tattoos, but, most of all, I don’t want to live in a country where someone else can decide for me what I have to read, learn, wear, think, feel.

This is not acceptable, and I really have enough of this situation where they are doing the fuck they want and nothing changes.

I really think that a sparkle is enough to light up something inside (some) people’s conscience, like the first tessera of a domino, and that there are many ways to start and fight a revolution.

This is what I’m trying to do with my art, my stories, my words.

And doesn’t matter if you’re not an artist, everyone is first of all a person, and a person can fight the most important and powerful revolution just acting in his\her everyday life.

Refusing to become an idiot, a robot, deciding to stay human and don’t close his\her mind and heart; use you talents to fight your personal revolution, first of all for yourself…is this really the world where you want to live in?

Don’t turn your back to the others, even if they SEEM different from you, they’re not.

Share you talents and knowledge, help others to build tools to free themselves, collaborate with them.

This is the only possible revolution, stay humans and don’t be indifferent.

Don’t be indifferent to injustice, to others’ pain, ideas or battles.

And, most of all, DON’T BE AFRAID…to fight, to scream.

Start to think that bow your head and try to survive is not an option, how a friend of mine told me some time ago “I won’t be a life’s victim”.

This is exactly what I will not be. A fuckin’ victim.

In our story there are many persons, and many ways to try to start the Revolution, but the message inside the story is that if we don’t start the revolution inside ourselves, no Revolution is possible.

So, please, use all your tools and knowledge for this…

make yourselves free and join us, join the revolution!

Image: Revolution by Divide dby zero


One thought on “Join the Revolution!

  1. … it is something that runs in our blood :-) the revolution!
    Striving to liberate ourselves from the shackles of rotten hegemonic governments, which imposes unfair laws, which perpetuate unmentionable legal abuses and injustices… always (or almost) hidden. The puppets change , but the puppeteers, those at the top, are irreplaceable… generation after generation. I also loved Elisa’s “Frontier”, but basically in all our stories (even in mine) there is always the dark power that forces us into a dimension not suited to us. This is a sort of “revolution”…
    :-) claudine

    Mi piace


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