Not your – personal manifesto against assholes

I Monologhi di Sana – Rubrica


– I’m a person, not a fuckin’ living doll
– I’m not in this world to feed your fuckin’ ego
– I deserve respect
– I want the truth
– If you are a coward, fuck off
– Politic is a very important matter to me
– I’m a proud bisexual, antifascist, feminist, anarchist, vegetarian…if you can’t deal with this is a your problem, not mine
– Don’t lie to me
– I was born free and free I’ll die
– I won’t smile to every fuckin thing you’ll say
– I’m not your pet
– If you need my help I’ll be here, but I’m not a trash bin for your fuckin’ problems
– Your needs are not more important than mine
– I’m proud of who I am, don’t try to change me
– I don’t give a shit of what you think about my hairstyle
– If you want a Barbie girl, look for her elsewhere
– I don’t give a shit about money, gifts, Valentine’s day and all this bullshits
– I love weird people, this doesn’t mean that I love assholes
– I’m a nerd and a writer, sometimes I’ll be totally absorbed by my work
– My people come always first
– No, if we just met you are not part of my people
– Only because I’m acting good to you doesn’t mean I can’t be evil
– I’m not scared by anyone and anything…just don’t try to overpass the limit
– If you will try to control, harass, be ugly, violent or something against me or my people I’ll kill you with no problems
– My time, love, body and thoughts are mine to give to who I want
– What you’ll give to me is what you’ll have back
– I won’t live for you
– I’ll be as honest as I can, this doesn’t mean that I can’t have secrets
– NO means NO and STOP means STOP
– Words are important to me, if you can’t respect them, don’t say
– Words are important, facts even more
– If I care I’ll always find a way
– If you care you’ll always find a way
– I’ll not trust you for a very long time, deal with it
– Betray me once, maybe you’ll have a second chance; betray me twice and you are dead to me
– I can spend a lot of time alone or in silence…give me my space
– I’m an antisocial and I hate people
– I’m not something you have to win or show to your friends
– Don’t analyze me, I don’t have to be selected for a canine show
– Don’t think to understand me or my way to think, I’m not an.easy person and you don’t know me
– You don’t want see me angry, trust me
– I don’t need to be saved, I save myself
– Sometimes I’ll totally lack of feminine style, deal with it
– I’m all these things …this makes me a different person, not a worse one



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