Happiness is a simple thing!

I Monologhi di Sana – Rubrica


More I’m getting older and more I think that happiness is a very simple thing…and I understand I wasted a lot of time trying to fix stuff in others’ life….but you can’t really fix this kind of things…you can’t really fix a love that doesn’t exist.

And I’m really got sick of all the fuckin’ drama queens, that it seems that just they have problems in their lives…come on, everyone has problems! And I really don’t want spend my whole life listening your endless list of troubles hoping that, maybe, if I’ll be lucky, in 6 months we would spend some happy time together.

Keep it simple, stupid!

Always, always, always….

So I found out that, for me at least, happiness is a very simple stuff, like…

…cooking together, sleep in your arms, listen a lot of punk songs, wake up with “Baggy Trousers” by Madness as alarm and enjoy it, imitate frogs’ sounds before to sleep, sing loud together Rancid in the 7 of the morning, talk about our messy past, planning to organize punk gigs, lose my stuff at all over your place, steal your clothes, eat mango ice cream and drink martini in the middle of the night, biking drunk during night and leave your place next morning still in hangover, but singing;

be spoiled ‘cause you wake up early only to bring me coffee and breakfast in bed, keep singing Sheena is a punk rocker during all the day, share stories about squats, quote Snatch just awake, think to go to Belgium, laugh because we met 5 years ago and we don’t remember each other, smoke too many cigarettes, try to talk about feelings and don’t succeed, talk about vegetarian sushi and then skip from crust punk to Mozart, politic and travels.

Always say “only 5 minutes more” and then spend another hour and half together.

See you arrive when I finished to work and say to me “I don’t care if you stink, I like you as well”.

Laugh calling each other “fake punk”.

Try to have the same days off next week.

So, I think that happiness is not someone that talks all the time about to have breakfast together, spend time together, do stuff together, go to parties together, saying you “I want spend more time possible with you”….it’s just someone that say nothing and does all this things! ;)

It is simple, isn’t it?

Stay happy people!

Image by Fukari



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