and what a great mood…


Warning: just babbling here XP

I feel like sharing this song, which lately reflects quite accurately my mood (and what a great mood…)

Lately I’m not feeling like myself

Therefore the question: myself? Who’s that? Was, will be?

Living abroad, with different people, different language, different job might tend to change you, of course, I knew that. It’s cool, I enjoy transformation and also I suspect that it’s good for writing. Or living. The difference between the two depending on your level of craziness I guess… ^^

The mystery that no one knows. Where does love go when it goes?

Here we are, at the core. Love. Does it ever really go? Can it be reborn? Can I be reborn? Does it matter? It’s always a _matter_ of identity, is it not? How you love, how you write, how you live, it all depends on how you perceive that mysterious black hole at the center of your being that makes you think your thoughts, feel your feelings.

Well I don’t have an answer, of course, but the lovely Lera Lynn inspired me with another, thanks the Gods less depressing, song ;)

I know it’s strange,
Another way,
To get to know you.
We’ve got to move,
Here comes the moon,
So let me show you.

Show you.

Dream me, oh dreamer,
Down to your core.
Open my hands,
And let them weave onto yours.

Feel me, completer,
Down to my core.
Open my heart,
And let it bleed onto yours.


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