This is the Irish Claddagh Ring: These elements symbolize the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown).


They said we have to be enemies.
They said we have to hate each other.
All of them see a fight, where I see just love.
There is no war, just love.
Love everywhere.
In every possible direction.
And if the world will fuel this battle, well, I will stop it before letting it starts.
No way that I will create enemies where has been love.
I have the power of stopping it.
Our will is stronger than your prejudice.
If the question is hate, the answer is always love, only love, for ever love.
Love will crush rage, differences, envy, pain and jealousy.
You cannot destroy hate with hate, but can destroy it with love.
Being an outlaw means this too, choose love when the right, plain, normal answer would be hate, and rage, and possess.
It’s decide to do the right choice, instead of the simple one.
It means don’t let selfishness overcome everything, letting it dries us as desert’s sand.
I have to look inside myself very deeply, looking for my good feelings, letting apart my fear.
Fear is just a lie.
Fear is what destroys love.
And people.
And trust.
I have to become fearless.
I know I can do it.
And my absence of fear will bring peace, and it will destroy others’ fear.
Without fear, everything is possible, even overcome stupidity.
We don’t owe anything to anyone except ourselves.
The rest of the world is not relevant.
They called me child, selfish, stupid, deluded, whore…well, I don’t care, ‘cause
they cannot see what I’m seeing.
they cannot feel what I’m feeling.
My feelings and my choices belong to myself, and no one else.
I will try to do better, this is my only goal.
‘Cause if you see something wrong, the only thing you can do for changing it, is try to do better.
And I want it.
I want to do better, in this world.
I want to bring love where hate should be.
You don’t know how much and how strongly I want it.
‘Cause when everything has been destroyed and wasn’t nothing but hate in me, the only thing that passed all the walls, the only thing that saved me, has been love.
It was, and still is, a pure, free love, full of trust and humanity and respect.
And that one, is a love that cannot finish.
Is a love that hate and fear cannot touch anymore,
‘cause we preserved it from being destroyed by them.
And I still think that there’s just one way for not becoming as them….stay humans.
Humans love, humans are scared, humans make mistakes…
but humans care, and trust, and fight too.
Humans are able to forgive, and understand…without hate.
Humans are able to see pain in each other’s eyes and recognize themselves in it.
This is what will make us different, stay humans,
not hate, not pride, not violence.
Only love.
And loyalty.
And friendship.
Nothing else.
And when I will succeed in bringing love, its light will destroy fears and darkness.
And will be nothing but happiness.
For all of us.


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