The Wolf Pack

To the only family I have, now and forever by my side, now and forever by your side.

Strange blood in our veins — too late we understand Strength and size and long allegiance to the Elfling band. Strange blood — for its gifts the price at last comes due. Strange lands and stranger duties has it brought us to!

Strange blood and its gifts we gained from long ago. Shape-Changer gave us this, for cause we’ll never know. Strange blood and its wisdom long since changed our track; Wherever it may lead us now, there is no turning back.

Strange blood! We are wolves, and we are something more. Now it brings us endless wandering, hunger, rage and war. Strange blood kept us fed and brought us help at need. Now it draws us, by our blood, to go where others lead.

Strange blood! No regrets. We would not turn aside. It brought us safely through the fire where all the others died. Strange blood! Howl again, for now we know too well: Better a friend on paths unknown than be alone in hell!

(Strange Blood – A Wolfrider’s Reflections)

Many years ago, in an flat behind Perugia’s Central Station, a redhead cub was crying ‘cause she didn’t wanna leave and come back to Rome.
Someone took care of her and her needs.
I think it started like this, but I cannot really be sure…there isn’t, in my memories, a fixed point that can be considered “the beginning” of everything.
Many years later, a young wolf is coming back home, in some way.
With the awareness that everything can change, fall in pieces and get lost….but not this thing.
In the last 15 years, in good and bad time, we faced horror, pain and fears.
Always caring for each other, but never chaining ourselves.
We faced ended loves, lost friends, personal crisis and more…and what happened, every time, is that when something scary was happening to one of us, we just regroup and fought it together.
We work as a wolf pack.
And this, for sure, had a huge part in who I’m nowdays.
And if there is something that I would like to say to all the people met along my way in the last year is that you cannot have it without sacrifice, it means be always ready to run, when the pack calls.
But on the other hand, when you will call, they will come.
And I saw how it happens.
When you will face horror, an howl of sorrow and pain will rise from your heart, and they will run to you, they will come all over the place, growling and fighting, for protecting you, for bringing you home.
There is no one less important in a wolf pack.
In the last 15 years we shared love, food, drinks, homes and every other thing is possible to share.
I will not lie telling that is something everyone can have.
It’s not true.
You have to belong to the wolf-way.
And yes, is difficoult to care without confusing it with possess.
But this is what a pack does.
It creates bonds, but no chains.
It maybe will become just a feeling, for a while, a far memory…but then something will happen, and then, yes, you will feel the need to run back, to regroup, to growl and fight.
‘Cause there is nothing more important for which fight for than family.
This is how we grew up.
Things changed in 15 years, we arrived as cubs, full of life and inexperience, today we are the young hunters, we protect the newcomers; there are new cubs and someone of the hunters has become a wise one.
I saw a lot of people envy me for what I have, but then, I saw them not open for the next step.
It has something to do with absolute trust, and care, and will.
You cannot desire just a part.
You are in or you are out, there is no middle way.
And in this moment, feeling myself surrounded by people that worship solitude, independence and selfishness what I feel and say is: I’m proud of who I am.
I’m proud of what I have.
I’m fuckin’ proud of my way and my people.
I have something, below, deep down into my heart, that even in the most horrible pain is telling me “you’re not alone, ask for help, and help will come”.



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