Leonora in Wonderland #2

Amoral Tales./Racconti Amorali.

– Have i gone mad? –
– I’m afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are –

(L. Carrol – Alice in Wonderland)


June 2016.

Leonora felt her head a bit floating, the evening air was cool, and even if all around was full of people, in her eyes there was nothing but him.
It was the same for James; it was always this way, when the two of them were together, they began to speak and the world around disappeared, becoming invisible.
So focused on their digressions that they could easily not notice the approaching night, the garden more and more empty, the “bye” addressed to them, and it has gone exactly like that.
They had started talking with the daylight, and when they had taken another breath was already night, and the garden was empty.
James was looking her with wide eyes, as if she was the most beautiful thing ever appeared on earth
– I like you – he said suddenly, sharply, with a sincerity that Leonora would not have expected – I like you since the first moment I saw you. You are special. –
Leonora blushed, but answered with equal sincerity
– I like you too, from the first day. –
– I’ve often thought about you, for all these months, but I never said anything …-
– Why? –
– ‘Cause you like someone else … –
– And if it wouldn’t like this? –
James looked her surprised, his eyes gleamed in the dark.
– I mean… not only … – added Leonora
The boy giggled and brought his face closer to hers, Leonora burst into a silvery laugh doing the same.
Suddenly he grabbed her face and kissed her, she felt her heart jump; all that time long she didn’t desire nothing but this, and spending the days side by side has been a long, slow, excruciating agony.
James kissed her again, and again, and again …. held and kissed her; slowly they slid lying on the floor, watching the stars covered by a smoke veil from the industrial zone, Leonora thought that one was her place, as always, and that she didn’t like playing the little bourgeois at all.
Maybe, she was just lying to herself? Maybe she belonged here, with James, and not elsewhere?
James’ hands were soft and delicate; when they sat down again the dark man with the long hair approached and offered her a bottle
– Leonora, I have a gift for you…you’re always so kind with us…here, take it –
She looked the bottle of vodka.
– Oh…thanks…you’re kind – said, extending the hand for catching it; at the same moment in which she touched the bottle the man disappeared again in the darkness, so quickly that, for a second, Leonora wondered if she just imagined him.
She drank a sip, voraciously, and James did the same.
– You should go. – he said strictly
– W-what? –
– You should stand up and go home, now. And not come back for a while –
– What? Why? James…are you angry with me? Did I do something wrong? –
The guy shook his head
– Not at all. It’s just that I like you, a lot, and it’s going to be a mess…we should stop now this madness…go home, Leo. Go home to Mark and forget about what happened tonight… –
Leonora was staring at him with her mouth half opened, but no sounds were coming out.
He went on
– ….Mark is a friend of mine, why do you think I didn’t say nothing all these months? You look so happy together, I don’t want screw up everything…I don’t want to destroy his and your happiness…-
– I don’t want go home. – she whispered suddenly.
– And don’t talk me like if I would be a kid, I can decide for myself what to do –
He nodded.
– I’m happy if you stay, but tomorrow we will regret it… –
– Maybe, who cares? I think it worth it! – she answered strongly, then, bending her head, added with uncertain voice
– …and then Mark….said it’s ok…if I spend a night with you… –
– Ah..ok…I think it’s not true…Mark is not the kind of guy that is ok with this stuff –
– Does it worth the risk?… I…Do I worth the risk? –
For a moment James didn’t answer, staring at her face with his eyes sparkling as diamonds in the night…then he hugged her tight as hell, covering her with kisses.
– Of course…of course you worth it… –
Image by: Chiara Bautista


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