Love has many faces, now
there is the green love, that grows in the sunny mornings…in the warmth of the nights…
That embraces me, making me feeling an amazing certainty, surrounded by a smell of happiness.
Tonight I dreamt of the red one,
that always explodes with that summer taste, even in the coldest winter.
I realized that I miss you, damn idiot, and that I won’t let the fear destroy anything else.
In my small bed I count the days that still separate me from your arms.
And then, above all of them…there’s the golden one.
Golden as the morning’s sunlight.
The one that when is here, enlightens everything.
That makes me shine of magnificence and beauty.
Happiness, it’s all I have in my soul, now.
And colors, beauty, warmth.
It’s for these moments, wonderful glares of infinitive, that I do what I do.
My love has crushed every hate feeling,
every jealousy.
And we vibrate along with this cosmic dust of harmony
and amity.


Image: Rainbow Spill Girl photo by camilladerrico


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