about what happened in Parma.

In September 2010 a 18-years-old girl has been raped by 4/6 people during a party at Raf (Rete Antifascista – Anti Fascist Network) headquarter, she was totally unconscious, the boys filmed everything with a phone, and, after have raped her one by one, they penetrated her with a smoke bomb.
After this the film of the rape has flown from a phone to another, but no one did or said nothing, the only reaction has been making fun of the victim starting to call her “the girl of the smoke bomb”.
Being ashamed, the girl never reported what happened to the police, since 2013, when a rudimentary bomb exploded next to Casa Pound (Fascist Party) headquarter, during the inquiry police found the video on some activists’ phones.
In this cases, for the Italian law, the inquiry starts automatically, without someone’s report necessary.
They interrogated the girl, and in the end she spoke some names. (now there are 4 people inquired for rape, they are visible in the rape’s video)
Again, what was the reaction of the scene?
She was branded as “friend of the cops”, people lied to cover the rapers or threatened her for retreating the report (4 people are now inquired for this).
She was covered with sexist insults, being kicked out from squats, being threatened and even physically attacked.

This is totally unacceptable.
These people are not antifascist, are not activists,they are nothing.
These people are coward pieces of shit.
A rape is ALWAYS  a fascist act, and who commits such a thing deserves no mercy.
Shame on you, all of you.
On who raped and on who knew and did nothing.
I already spoke about sexual aggression and micro aggressions in squats and I still believe that if a scene is an healthy scene, and not just a nice fairytale that we say each other for feeling less guilty and more cool, these people should be immediately kicked out, marginalized and known for the monsters that they are.
These supposed to be safe spaces, and this way they must stay.
Reading about this episode I can still consider myself very lucky, I have been victim of violence – both physical and mental – and the squat scene ( mostly in  Rome) is the only place where I found 100% support, in any possible way.
People took responsibilities and risks helping me out, and this is what should happen always in these spaces.
This should be our way.
The way of the silence, of the violence, of the victim-shaming, is not.
That is their way.
The way of the fascists, of the cowards, of everyone you say you’re fighting against.
As long as the patriarchy’s solidarity will win on justice there is no possibility for us to change something; if even inside a place like Raf this kind of shit can happen…well, we already failed.
This is the demonstration that we should never stop to discuss and analyze our behavior, never give for granted that being an “activist” will save us from doing wrong, and never let that our love for someone make us blind in front of injustice.
I’m furious.
I’m furious because a girl that didn’t do anything wrong suffered such an horrible thing, because now this will bring a lot of shit to the scene, giving the possibility to fascists to attack us….and for what?
For a bunch of beasts, for a group of cowards and pieces of shit.
For a group of shitheads too much frightened for looking for a free/consented/balanced relation with a woman; too much scared by a woman that is not a slave to use for their needs.
Well, for them I have no other words than insults and hate, but for the rest, for all those people that probably heard or knew something and didn’t do anything…to them I have something to say.
When I was broken, hasn’t been the state or the police or my job or whatever to lift me up again…my people did it.
People from the scene, in Rome and in the whole Italy.
They gave me shelter, fought my monsters by my side, took care of me, laughing WITH me and not OF me (‘cause, well, yes, laughing about monsters make them less powerful).
I didn’t know the most of them, they became friends in this way.
They did it just because it was right, and because they are good people.
There is always a choice, they chose, and you as well, and you chose wrong.
Our actions have an effect on other people’s lives, and we can choose in which direction.
If you think that a laugh is only a laugh you’re wrong.
You have the right to choose what kind of persons you want to be, but acting in the way you did you have lost automatically the right of calling yourselves activists, antifascists, antisexists, and etc.
You’re just people, even not nice people.
Deal with it.
The only thing you can do now is say sorry, then shut up, sit down and learn from who is a real activist.
I’m not speaking about me, but about the hundreds of good people that I met in the scene.
Learn from them, listen to them, because something like this must not happen again.


Una risposta a "about what happened in Parma."

  1. Ogni tipo di violenza, verbale o fisica o anche solo scritta è da condannare. Chi si rende reo di simili gesta deve essere perseguito dalla legge… ma poi ci si chiede: quale legge?
    Purtroppo questo pianeta sta andando alla deriva, in ogni senso. Ci vuole tanto coraggio e parecchio egoismo per mettere al mondo dei figli… io ho avuto forse più del secondo. Possa il nuovo anno essere all’insegna dell’umiltà e dell’amore, e lo spero da più profondo del cuore. c.

    "Mi piace"


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