Love is something timeless,
that crawls in the taste of your
synthetic kisses.
I miss your touch
and almost cannot remember
the shape of your eyes,
and the smell of your skin.
But something, deep inside,
is telling me that I want you.
That this love is now clearer than ever.
And while the worlds around us are collapsing,
we stay, as fixed points, in time and space.
Extending our arms,
for embracing each other’s life and love.
And maybe, the earth will turn around
seven times still, before we can grab our hands again.
But while I’m loosing the memory of your body,
something is still calling, speaking directly to the very deepness
of my being.
And I know that one day you’ll touch me,
and I will feel it, as not even a day
would be passed.


Image: Love by hypnothalamus


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