Today is a good day for being ashamed of my Italian citizenship.

Two days ago Italy officially became a racist country, thanks to the new “decreto sicurezza” (“security decree”).
This new “amazing”, totally fascist decree abolished residency permit for “humanitarian reasons”, that was granted in the past for 2 years, giving access to social housing and other services.
Now it will be for a maximum of 1 year, it won’t give access to any form of social assistance and can be granted only in few cases: “social reasons”, serious health issues and natural disaster in origin country.
Article 3 of the decree provides that asylum seekers may be held for a period of up to thirty days in the so-called hotspots and in the first reception facilities (Cas and Cara) to ascertain their identity and citizenship. If identity is not established in the thirty days, asylum seekers may also be held in repatriation centers (Cpr) for 180 days. So the asylum seeker may be held for 210 days only to verify and determine his identity, without committing any crime.
Those rules apply also to kids under 18 that travel with their families.
Others 3,5 ml of euro will be given for performing more expulsions.
The list of crimes that entail the withdrawal of international protection (such as murder or serious drug- connected crimes) is then lengthened, which from the approval of the decree has also passed to include threats or violence to a public officer, personal injuries, mutilation of female genitals, theft. Furthermore, the status of international protection is withdrawn if the refugee returns, even temporarily, to his country of origin.
It’s so obvious how easy will be to abuse of this law, putting migrants in a condition of servility.
Another part reduce the integration path managed by municipalities, it will possible to access only to people that already obtained a residency permit, and not who is still waiting for an evaluation of their request; they will be transferred in “ordinary migrants shelters” without any possibility to access language courses or integration paths.
In article 10 the decree introduces an immediate proceeding in front of the territorial commission, the administrative authority that deals with the assessment of asylum applications. Those who are subjected to criminal proceedings for some types of crime, or have been convicted even in a non-definitive manner, are subjected to an immediate procedure before the territorial commission, the eventual appeal does not have suspensive effect and therefore the person can be immediately expelled.
Article 13 of the decree provides that asylum seekers can not be registered at the municipal office and can not therefore access the residence.
The decree introduces the possibility of revoking citizenship to those who acquired it (foreigner who acquired citizenship after ten years of residence in Italy, stateless person who acquired citizenship after five years of residence in Italy, the son of foreigners born in Italy who has acquired citizenship after the age of 18, a spouse of an Italian citizen, an adult foreigner who has been adopted by an Italian citizen) in case he has committed some crimes related to terrorism. The revocation is possible within three years from the final conviction for crimes related to terrorism, by decree of the President of the Republic on the proposal of the Minister of the Interior. For the Cir this norm creates “two categories of citizens: those by birth to which it can not be revoked, and those who have acquired it to which it can be revoked in a unilateral way”. For this article a profile of unconstitutionality according to article 3 of the constitution has been hypothesized. Many analysts have underlined that this rule can increases the creation of stateless persons in contrast with the prohibition of new statelessness provided for in Article 8 of the Convention on the reduction of statelessness adopted on August 30, 1961, to which Italy joined in 2015. in addition, the deadline for the conclusion of the procedures for granting citizenship has been extended from 24 months to 48 months.

To these very racist new laws, they added some fascist procedures, just for being sure that Italians can also be tamed and stop to fight for their rights or to manifest dissent.

the decree includes the so-called “urban DASPO”, which allows the mayor and prefect to fine and remove from certain areas of the city people who put at risk the health of citizens or urban decorum (that includes beggars and homeless people, but also dissidents).

The decree then introduces the crime of “roadblock” (blocking a road or train tracks, for example), which had been degraded in the past to an administrative offense, while penalties are increased for those who illegally enter or squat land or buildings .
The agency for the management of confiscated goods from organized crime is also reorganized. The purchase of proprieties and companies is also open to privates (a decision much criticized by the anti-mafia associations that could facilitate the repurchase of goods by mafia itself).

Trying to “fight terrorism” data of whoever will rent a van or mini-van has to be communicated by the rental company to police, so they can check them.
And last, but not least: teasers will be given to police from cities with at least 100000 citizens.
Nice, eh?

Welcome to the new, racist, fascist Italy.
I’m so angry right now, ashamed, furious.
How can such a country with an history of anti-fascism, migration and philosophy become this?
How can ignorance, fear, stupidity, hate win so easily?
How can we let this happen?
Where should we look for hope?
Today is a sad day, and I don’t see any possibility to escape this descending spiral of narrow-mindedness.
Maybe, I will just seek hope in the words of one of my heroes, a great man that gave his life for freedom.

‘I hope not,’ said I to myself. But that hope was not even a hope, but a mere figure of speech. I have hope, indeed. All men must have hope and never lose heart. But my hope lies in the ultimate victory for my poor people. Is there any hope greater than that?

(Prison Diary – Bobby Sands)



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