Madness & Creativity – a column by Isa Thid

Who have never had a panic attack? If you haven’t this may not be the right column for you. No offence, eh, but this is a place for the awkward ones. Plus, you wouldn’t enjoy it. Ok, if you really wanna stay then stay. But be careful, there might be some side effects… You might even turn out to be one of us! XP

I am aware of having some, let’s say… issues with stress and mood swings. Not with anxiety, though, that one I leave to you people. Anyhow. I like to think of myself as an eccentric and fascinating creative woman (when I am in a good mood, of course).

Speaking of creativity: I write. Fiction. Novels. This blog. Maybe it’s a way to deal with life, issues, death, thoughts. Writing is a way to be interested in the world, a filter to look at the world with my own eyes (which have had dark circles since memory, btw).

Sometimes I think that I belong to a different specie, and maybe I do, but now I know that there are at least some of us, out there, with dark hair framing a nervous mind, and dark circles under deep eyes. We have panic attacks sometimes, we might be irritable or anxious, uncomfortable in a room full of people… but we’re perfectly at ease alone, with our computer or a book, in a dark rainy night, with weird and scary thoughts. So we’re not normal, that’s for sure, but we’re not crazy either.

We’re CrAzY-ish… we might as well enjoy it.


Life is distracting me

Looking for something

Focused enough, disciplined enough, passionate enough

Image: Crazyby Leaglem



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