Green Tea Way

The body, the mind and what’s keeping them together… Art and meaning, life and death…

I spent years getting a philosophy degree, thus it was very frustrating when (during a beginner’s meditation in a Buddhist Center) I realised that I wasn’t able to focus on my breath for more than one minute! After a few months I decided to accept the challenge and started to meditate.

The word ‘Holistic’ has a Greek root, ‘Holos’ which means ‘Whole’ and have an ancient philosophical meaning: ‘Holism’ is a theory according to which the whole is superior than the sum of its parts. Everything runs in circles, after all…

Here, in this virtual shelter, starts my new path toward balance. With discipline, concentration and patience it’s possible to master any art, says Eric Fromm in ‘The art of loving’.



‘The way of Zen’ – Preface, Background and History

‘The way of Zen’ – Mahayana Buddhism

Art in ‘The Way of Zen’ by Alan Watts

Mindfulness & Resilience

At work I had the opportunity to attend to a Mindfulness & Resilience course held by Threshold. They are absolutely amazing, so I’m sharing a few notes.

1. Mindfulness – Curiosity, Connection, Compassion

2. Mindfulness – Awareness

3. Mindfulness – Catastrophizing

4. Mindfulness – Respond rather than React

5. Mindfulness & Creativity

6. Mindfulness – Self confidence

Arts & Health

1. Health and Arts – Intro

2. Health and Arts – Your own practice

3. Arts and Health – Visual arts.1

4. Arts and Health – Visual arts.2

5. Arts and Health – Illustrated Haiku

Expressive writing

Writing down the bones‘ by Natalie Goldberg – Preface and Introduction

Writing down the bones‘ by Natalie Goldberg – Living Twice

Writing down the bones‘ by Natalie Goldberg – What Are Your Deep Dreams?

Zen in the art of writing‘ by Ray Bradbury – Preface

‘Expressive writing’  by Pennebaker and Evans – The Essentials of Writing for Health

The Artist’s way – by Julia Cameron

Philosophical counselling

Socratic Dialogue as Collegial Reasoning

The new image of the person (by by Peter Koestenbam) – Introduction


A guided meditation for Creativity

Guided meditation – Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide

Image: Green Teaby moskeeto



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